Freelancing | The New Road to Success

Getting a job, being employed and getting a fixed salary, starting your own venture or settling with your father’s business has become an old trend now. All of us try to just get settled in life and earn a decent living to sustain our lifestyle.

With the increasing advancement in technology and everything getting on the online platform, things have quite changed a lot in recent years. From taking your businesses to the online environment to resigning from jobs and starting freelancing and taking up projects on a freelance basis, everything now is going digital.

According to a report by PayPal, there are 10,000,000 (10 Million) freelancers in India out of which 23%, 2.3 Million or 23 lakh, earn more than 60 lakhs per annum. Isn’t that great?

This not only shows how a lot of people have started freelancing but also shows the strength in freelancing as they are able to draw a handsome amount of money through it.

The power of Digital Freelancing stays in the fact that you can work from anywhere and everywhere, it is just your skills and branding that needs polishing after which freelancing can be your ultimate career.

With the global pandemic in place, we have seen how Covid has changed the world in which we work, from people working from home to employers laying-off their employees and hiring freelancers on a project basis. Freelancing is the call of the time and it can be a great opportunity for us.

Being a Digital Freelancer, there are multiple things that can be offered such as:

  • Lead Generation
  • Developing a digital marketing strategy
  • Doing market research and niche research
  • Content Creation
  • Website Creation
  • And Much More...

Learning Digital Marketing is not a very difficult task or you don’t need any coding or technical background to be a Digital Marketer.

As Afnan Abbasi, a digital freelancer and consultant, has explained in one of his impeccable articles on how one can learn Digital Marketing without depending on others.

Getting the first project may be difficult but once you get the first project and it is liked by your client, they refer you and recommend you and you start getting more and more projects.

There is a lot that you can make through Freelancing, just to understand the ways and learning the skills is important.

I believe Freelancing is the new normal and a great way to live a balanced life.

I think freelancing can give you much more flexibility and freedom in your life without being a slave to your work or job.

What do you think about it?

Do let me know your thoughts in the comments.




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